tells our story

the inside cover

“This camera” is our story – as well as can be told through our viewfinder and the time we allow ourselves to edit and update. It’s not the full story, but it’s full of memories and fondness for whatever we’re doing.
The Players
Wendy: University of Oregon journalism graduate with an eye for adventure. Loves to travel, hates to jog (but does it anyway) and loves her DSLR.
Adam: Wendy’s roommate, travel mate, hiking mate, holiday mate, bff, heart mate
Yoshi: The youngster of the family – Born in 2007, this Pomeranian is full of energy and a little too much for …
Dewey: The old man – Born in 2000, this Chihuahua likes to take things slow with a nap in a sun patch
Cole: Our fat orange cat (2006). This dude plays it cool and loves everyone. Yoshi is a favorite plaything
Patterson: The question mark of our family. This tiny yellow cat lived outside our current house wild for 7 years before she warmed up to us enough to eat our food and come inside (after 2 years of patient pampering on the human side.) She’s still a little skittish, yet more each day our home is her playground (which is really starting to make Wendy squirm in angst for a possible battle between the couch and Patterson’s claws.)


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