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Oregon sunsets

A rare thing

But worth the wait

It’s always cold and often rainy, but I love the Oregon coast.
These were taken during Memorial Day in Yachats, Oregon.


Marys Peak in the snow

Yesterday, Adam and I tried again to hike to the top of Marys Peak. We did a few weeks ago but didn’t set out early enough and quickly realized it was too much of a hike for Dewey. So this time we left the house earlier, left Dewey at home and brought snow gear to wear.
I’m glad I always carry chains in the winter. We didn’t make it a half mile up Marys Peak road before the tires lost grip and we had to chain up.
Here’s how the roads were:

Here’s the car at Conner’s Campground:

I have lots of wonderful photos to edit through, but first I need to find some space on my hard drive =X
My new 2 TB external from Best Buy should help me solve that issue.
So I’ll save those for another post.
Here’s what we saw as we were heading off the mountain:

A couple of cars pulled off where we did to catch the gorgeous colors. As we were getting back in the car, a car pulled in behind us that slid some on the ice and the driver slightly lost control (they didn’t have chains). As we were pulling out of the parking lot to leave, that car ended up pulling out a couple hundred yards behind us. I was cruising at, oh, 5 mph because of the chains and ice and gravity – being cautious. That car quickly caught up with us and I pulled to the side to let them pass (I didn’t want unsafe driver bashing into me on the way down). As they sped past me, I turned to Adam, “How much you want to bet we’ll pass them spun out on the side of the road before we get to the bottom?)
2 miles later …
Their car was sideways with their trunk INCHES from a cliff.
We pulled off and offered to help them out. After assessing the situation, we figured we *might* have a chance to push the car back on the pavement – and hopefully it wouldn’t slide back anymore. Another driver pulled over to help push and, between the 4 of us, we managed to push it back up and all ended well. But wow, I wish I had gotten a photo – this guy’s car was so close to tumbling over into a ravine. Adam said from the trail of their tire tracks, they’d slid back quite a bit trying to salvage the situation before we arrived.

So please people!
1) carry traction when you’re in conditions and
2) don’t drive like you’re on the freeway when you’re driving on an inch of ice with an 8 percent downgrade.