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Where’s Waldo? On the edge

Aww yeah!

Been shooting exclusively in raw only to find photoshop can’t read canon’s raw format. wtf

Momentary freak out. Thankfully Andy pointed out to me Adobe’s DNG converter and I’m back in business. Phew!

Last week I visited Mesa Verde again with my family. Big difference this time from last – it was summer and HOT. There are a lot of tourists. But I’m happy to say I finally got the pano shot of Cliff Palace I wanted to get last time.

Now that’s a sweet pano:

I tried so hard to get it without people, but there just happened to be a man climbing out the exit on the right top part of the cliff wearing the brightest orange shirt he could have picked out that morning. Thanks tourist! I actually like that he’s there – it’s like Where’s Waldo in the 800-year-old cliff dwelling.

Did you find him? You might need to click on the photo to see it bigger.



Here’s a closer look …… UBER zoom.


April 2010: Mesa Verde

Continuing my quest to share my favorite photos from my trip to the Southwest last April.
Here are some (what I think) are amazing views of Mesa Verde in Southern Colorado.
This here is Cliff Palace.

I shared another view of Cliff Palace during my top travel photos of 2010.
If you ever have a chance to visit this area in your lifetime, do! April is a great time to go, the crowds are thin and we ended up going during National Parks week, so entrance was free.
This is what’s left of a top mesa dwelling.

Next: On to Colorado National Monument.

Top photos 2010: Travel

Let’s be honest – nature did 90 percent of the work on these.

Delicate arch – Utah
Mesa Verde – Colorado
Zion National Park – Utah

Tomorrow: Top Corvallis shots