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In the dark

I’m a few weeks into my 50 days of 50 mm project – I’ve just been too busy to edit through things and share.

Well, OK, let’s be honest – I’ve been reading Suzanne Collins – wtf. Anyway…

A few nights ago on my way home, I passed the Corvallis Mosque and loved the soft green glow the towers give off at night. In my mind I could picture a neat angle with the moon, a clear sky, green turrets – Post card worthy – in my mind.

Tonight as I hopped on my bike to head home, I noticed the full moon, clear sky, and despite the mercury dipping below freezing by a lot, I thought, why not now if ever.

So here’s what I got just off my bike, no tripod with my camera practically laying in the grass.

I got madame watermark up and running. Mayhaps I’ll put her on a diet in a few weeks.

So, considering what I was working with – no tripod, 50  mm, grass … toe numbing cold + I was afraid every second I was there a cop was going to approach me after what happened there a few years ago in the middle of the night …. It’s not a bad shot.

But  I wanted that damn post card.

So after a warm shower  two hours later, I finally got the courage to drag out tripod and the 300 mm. After a half an hour of trying to remember how to USE the tripod, 10 minutes of warming up the car – I was once again outside the mosque, only to find the moon had moved just enough, creating an angle that’s not at all post card, that invoves me liniing up my shot in the middle of the street through power lines – grumble grumble grumble.

After several attempts and frozen fingers, I gave up – but, I finally have a pretty moon shot I’ve always wanted to take.