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On the fence

Although it’s been a rough couple of months, I’m eager to start making lemonade or whatever.

On the bright side, I now have a Canon 7D (quite a step up from my Rebel T3i) and some decent lenses.

I’m teaching myself Lightroom (thanks Scott Kelby) and even purchased my own personal software licence – I’m a big kid now!
I’ve still got a ways to go, and several more chapters before I finish my tour with the program – I think the next session includes blemish coverup (no thanks). You have my permission to shoot me if I ever abuse the built in filters, color selection and vignette …

I’m most familiar with Photoshop. A good metaphor would be an automatic (LR) vs. a manual transmission (PS). In Lightroom, I can get to all the same places I can with PS, but I keep reaching for the imaginary stick. Once I stop relying on my old PS habits, I’ll get there faster. The program is more efficient for what I need, especially for content editing (not every photo is meant to be seen.)

Here’s my first stab at editing my own photo completely in Lightroom, Coco kitty in our backyard.
Coco’s on the fence about my watermark, too. I hope to get something more professional soon.

In April, I’ll be attending a weekend workshop with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography with Briana.
It has all the promise of a perfect getaway: Good friend, Seattle and cameras.

Small steps, but steps none the less. Cross your fingers I’ll keep it up so I’ll continue to learn the tools that will allow me to grow as a photographer.