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Waiting for Piper

While my friend Kelly waits for baby Piper to come out (any day now!) I finally got around to editing through the zillions of moments I caught of her during my week visiting South Carolina last month. I’m really happy with how these all turned out, of course it helps that Kelly is one of the most beautiful people I’ve been around and is incredibly photogenic on top of that. She and her husband, Paul, were great subjects to work with and I’m glad they were good sports and let me shove my camera repeatedly in their faces throughout the week. I even dragged her mom into a session on top of a mountain.
Here’s a selection of my favorites along with a slideshow of all the toned shots.

Thanks Kelly and Paul – it was a lot of fun!

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It’s lambie season

Right before my trip south, I visited the Oregon State University sheep barns. It’s lamb season, and the school allows the public to visit with the new babies and their mommas.

This hungry girl was in the waiting-to-give-birth pen.

This little dude already knows new hay is pretty yummy.

This baby is going places.

Lambie with mommy.

Creating new memories from the old

Inspiration from this post. I just spent a week visiting my childhood friend, Kelly, who lives in South Carolina and is expecting her first baby this month. We met in 5th grade when I yelled at her for cutting through my yard (yeah, I was a total angel when I was a kid – I’m pretty darn lucky she put up with me long enough for us to remain friends for more than 15 years.)
During our sophomore years of college, Kelly did an exchange in Oregon and we captured this fun shot of us playing in fall leaves near the EMU. This week while I was in South Carolina we attempted to recreate this image from 2002.

After several attempts (and I’m not exaggerating, we probably tossed leaves about 8-10 times.) Here are the two images that most closely recreate the 2002 moment.

It was silly to do this because the original photo was likely the result of one or two shots from my point and shoot – and to successfully recreate it took so many shots over and over again. We had a blast, however. Because it’s early spring in South Carolina, we didn’t have any beautiful fall leaves to play with, so we had the idea to toss up some confetti – I cut up some pink, green and white streamers and to toss them in front of a flowering pear tree, but those turned out to be too light to “fall.” So we started mixing in the dead leaves in the yard in with the confetti – and would rake up the mess and toss it up again. As the photo shoot went on, more and more leaves and dead grass were mixed in and became kind of messy. Here are some of the shots from the shoot that were too good to leave in the archives.

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