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Top photos 2010: Landscape

Again, Mother Nature did most of the work here
Findley Wildlife Refuge
Nighttime snow and Big Dipper
Bush in Arizona

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Top People shots
Top Wildlife/Pets shots
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Top photos 2010: People

Interestingly, one subject shows up in two of my favorites, however, you can’t go wrong with babies!

Briana and Drew
Baby and bubble
Montezuma’s Castle – Arizona

Coming tomorrow: Landscape
Top Wildlife/Pets shots
Top Corvallis shots
Top Travel shots

Top photos 2010: Wildlife/Pets

Patterson (It’s amazing what patience and love can achieve.)
Patient Dewey
Active Yoshi

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Top Corvallis shots
Top Travel shots

Top photos 2010: Corvallis

Whiteside Theater
Central Park ballerina

Coming tomorrow: Top wildlife/pet shots
Top Travel shots

Top photos 2010: Travel

Let’s be honest – nature did 90 percent of the work on these.

Delicate arch – Utah
Mesa Verde – Colorado
Zion National Park – Utah

Tomorrow: Top Corvallis shots

Merry Christmas

Meet the newest ornaments in our household. Suitcase from Megan, Fetch dog from my mom and Orient Giraffe from me to me.

Scenes of the holidays

Santa Chihuahua!

Lit up icicles – I got this shot a few years ago a a friends house in Hood River.


Grandma going through an album from the ealry 1950s.

I don’t know much about my family’s history – just a few stories here and there. Recently my grandma found The Box – you know The Box … the one that has 70 years of long forgotten photo albums and childhood drawings untidily smashed into shoebox in the back of the closet. In the last year during a couple of visits from Aunt Zoe, who lives in Florida, and my cousin Shannon, who lives in Texas, Grandma has brought out the box and explained who’s in each photo and the stories behind the smiles. It’s been fascinating and although I’ve already forgotten many of the details – we video taped the sessions so we’ll be able to keep these memories fresh. I still don’t know squat about my Dad’s family but at least I’m filling in the gaps on the Wilson/Nakunz side.

Here are some new memories created while looking at old.




Before he met my grandma, my grandpa Bud took photos of theaters in every town he visited – he built an entire photo album of theater photos.

Notice the movies and actors on these old marquees.

Earl, Lewis, Robert and my grandma Murlean (16 years old) Spring 1946

Craig, Bud, (my mom) Nancy, Murlean, Zoe-Anne (circa 1963)

Thank you Grandma!

Back and forth

I can giggle at this all day.

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Trip up Marys Peak

Adam and I took a hike on the East Ridge Trail on Saturday. We only made it to the first switch back before we realized we weren’t wearing the right gear for hiking in snow (we passed a group of guys coming down the trail who were carrying snow shoes).

It was beautiful up there.

East Ridge Trail Marys Peak

East Ridge Trail on Marys Peak

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